Ivy Shelving Wall

12,000.00 د.إ

The Ivy Shelving Wall features clean horizontal and vertical lines absolutely ideal for flaunting your favourite pieces. The combination of wood and integrated LED lighting creates a warm and inviting ambiance, adding visual interest to any room. The warmth of the wood adds a natural element to the display, while the LED lights are strategically placed to illuminate the shelves from above, casting a soft and diffused glow that enhances the colors and textures of your displayed items.

Overall, our Ivy Wall offers a stylish and efficient solution for displaying your cherished items while adding a modern flair to your home decor. Whether used in a living room, bedroom, or home office, our Ivy can elevate the look of any space and create a captivating display that reflects your personal style.


Prices start at 12,000 AED for our Ivy style Shelving Wall.

Message us to request a home visit for measurements and quotation.



L 200 cm x W 25 cm x H 310 cm


All our items are made to order, bespoke materials and dimensions are available upon request.

Lead Time: 3 to 4 weeks from date of order confirmation.

Made in UAE