Maeve Ajax Gold Marble Desk

20,000.00 د.إ

The hourglass-shaped Maeve Ajax Gold Marble Desk with fluted legs is an exquisite piece of furniture that combines elegant curves with sophisticated detailing. It features an hourglass shape, with a narrower middle section that flares out towards the top and bottom. This design creates a striking silhouette and adds a dynamic, sculptural element to the piece.

Our Maeve Desk features a luxurious Ajax Gold marble top, renowned for its rich, golden hues intertwined with intricate veining. This high-quality marble exudes opulence and sophistication, transforming your workspace into a haven of elegance.



L 185cm  x W 100cm x H 75cm


All our items are made to order, bespoke materials and dimensions are available upon request.

Lead Time: 3 to 4 weeks from date of order confirmation.

Made in UAE

Disclaimer: Our Marbles and Travertines are organic stones. These materials are subject to availability and possibility of pattern and size variations as each slab is unique. Kindly reach out to us for more information on our range of material choices.