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An Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Beds Online in UAE

Do you have a new house, or are you thinking of renovating your old one? Then, try to explore the most dynamic market in the world, which is the UAE online furniture market. Here, you will get everything in the best style and comfort. You have a vast collection of brands that offer beds in traditional and modern styles.

Just like physical stores, online stores have their significance in providing you with what you are looking for at your doorstep. So, try to explore both online bed shopping stores and physical ones.

By keeping some important factors in mind, you can get the perfect bedding furniture that you would love for years. Here, we will guide you through all such details for a memorable online shopping experience in the UAE. So, stay with us.

Shopping Guide for Luxury Beds

In this shopping guide, we have covered all the aspects if you are checking out any website for bedding furniture. Without further ado, let’s get into the details: 

Bed Sizes

The bed comes in standard sizes such as king size, queen size, single beds, etc. Each size has its own style and design options.  Are you looking for a size that accommodates a couple, or are single beds enough for your room? Ask yourself this question, and then after getting the answer, look for the styles that come under your category on the furniture websites.

Headboard Styles 

The beauty of a bed is defined by the style and the design of its headboard. Some of the standard style options that are available for headboards are:

Upholstered headboards

This headboard has a cushioning material on the whole headboard or in the central part. You can get them in various materials like silk, leather, cotton, etc. They often come with accessories like buttons or shimmery finishing lines in between the cushioning parts. You can have them in various shapes and colors to relate them to the interior design setup of your bedroom. 

Wider Headboards

These headboards cover not only the bed but also the side tables with their wider, longer width. You dont need to invest in decorative art pieces in the presence of the extended headboard. They may or may not come with an upholstered area. 

Oversized headboards

A Headboard that covers the entire wall or more than half of it comes under this category. They give a grand, aesthetical appeal to your room. These headboards complement the walls and give them a new identity. Such styles replace the need for wall hangings and capture the attention with their signature presentation. Remember to keep the size measurements of your room, as oversized pieces look lovely only in spacey areas. 

Headboard Shapes

The shape of the headboard is also an important thing to consider before choosing your desired bedding furniture. Some of the common shapes that you will observe in UAE online stores are:

  • Square
  • Camelback
  • Scalloped
  • Cut out
  • French

These online stores provide detailed descriptions along with images to give an idea of the shapes. You can also consult any professional designer to pick the right bed shape that also relates to your home interior. 

Multi-functional Beds

Some beds offer multiple functions to the users in terms of offering extra benefits. Along with a resting place, they come with an additional storage drawer to keep the stuff. Some beds often come with display shelves to place art pieces for the decor.  Bunk beds are famous for occupying less space while providing enough sleep space for two or three. 

Another popular style that you can get for your bedroom is a sofa come bed. It can be converted into a sofa or bed when needed. Such beds are great where you have limited space for keeping various pieces of furniture. So, a single item serves multiple purposes and gives your room more space. 

Maintenance Tips

This is another factor to consider before buying any particular bed for your home. You are the one who will look after the furniture to keep it in useful form for years. Some pieces need more attention than others. For example, traditional pieces with intricate design curves need in-depth dusting from time to time. Otherwise, dust can accumulate in the holes or engraved lines. 

On the other hand, simple or upholstered beds just need simple dusting after regular intervals to keep them in functional form. Ask yourself, can you afford a detailed maintenance regimen, or do you want to have hassle-free beds? After that, choose your style.

Setting your Budget 

The decision of a bed is affected by the availability of the funds. What is your budget, and how much are you willing to spend on your bedding? Ask yourself these questions and then set the value under which you have to search for the best options that give you maximum value against the cost. 

In the end, the choice of bed is dependent upon your space-specific requirements and personal preferences. Your bedroom must relate to your personality as you are the one who spends time here. The definition of a luxury bed includes both style and comfort. So, keep all the factors that we have mentioned above in mind for your guidance while exploring the UAE online market. 

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