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The Uptown Project

For this project we had the pleasure of working with a returning client, who previously had their family home furnished by Palm Living. They wanted to create a separate space for business associates to stay, when visiting the city. Representing all that is masculine chic. Combining black accents with soft furnishings to embody the epitome of luxury living. Each bedroom, possessing a character of its own, to keep every aspect of the apartment exciting and inviting throughout.

The Jumeriah Villa

The aim of this project was to display our classic Palm Living aesthetic, yet combine it with our client’s own personal style. We wanted to enhance the authentic, traditional origins of the home. Each piece of furniture was selected and placed, to compliment and draw attention to the beautiful arched windows and natural sunlight that lit up the space. Keeping it ever so simple and effortless but adding depth and contrast with designer artwork, accessories, and our personal favorite, Calacatta Viola marble plinths to center the room and bring it all together.

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Dubai Hills Villas

We had the upmost pleasure to work with our client to create a beautiful bespoke home that was designed for her family down to every last detail. We created a gorgeous home where minimal style meets elegance and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

DIFC Apartment

We designed a modern and minimalistic open living space for our clients, by using a neutral color palette we were able to open up their space and add rustic marble touches for a warmer feel.

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Villa Blanca

A shoot space transformation, we created a stunning photoshoot back drop of interiors which is practical enough for our clients family yet chic and stylish enough to hire for shoots.

Emaar Beach Front

This space was designed to be rented out, our client wanted to create a space that was luxury yet practical for everyday use. We completely transformed this apartment with new flooring and a bespoke media wall..

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Golf Place Villa

For this project, we wanted to create a luxury feel home that was still practical for our client’s family to enjoy. We used a neutral colour palette with warm tones to create a space that was minimal yet cosy.

Jumeriah Golf Estates

We designed this home to have a signature Palm Living dreamy aesthetic look. We used a range of different materials throughout the space and switched up textures to create interest with a minimal style.

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Tilal Al Ghaf

The perfect home aesthetic, we designed this dreamy space in our clients brand new home. We focused heavily on Beige Adanna Marble and using textures in neutral colours throughout the home to create interest, yet keep with a minimal aesthetic for this space.

Golf Grove Villa

This home was designed to impress, we worked with a dark color scheme and created a darker grey media wall with grey travertine throughout the home. This home was designed to complement constantly changing color pops through books and flowers.

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