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  • Harper Dining Chair

    1,650.00 د.إ

    Our Beautiful Harper Dining Chair in velvet look cream fabric with black steel legs. This chair combines stylish with comfort, making it perfect for any contemporary home.   Dimensions: W 52cm x D 45cm x H 85cm   All our items are made to order, bespoke materials and dimensions are available upon request. Lead Time:…

  • IMG_3336

    Ezme Cloud Chair

    5,500.00 د.إ

    Ezme Cloud Chair 2 Seater Made from the cosiest bouclé fabric and available cream & taupe. Dimensions: W130cm  x H75 x D110cm – seat D67cm All our Chairs are made to order, other sizes and colours are available on request.   Made in UAE. 3 weeks lead time from date of order confirmation.

  • Soraya Boucle Chair

    1,800.00 د.إ

    Our gorgeous Soraya stool style chair is the perfect contemporary chair for any modern living home. This modern look chair is made with solid wood and beautiful light cream boucle fabric for a chic and modern look. Dimensions L45cm x W50cm x H45cm Lead Time: 3 weeks from date of order confirmation. Made In The UAE

  • Naia Wing Detail Bar Stool

    2,800.00 د.إ

    The Naia Wing Detail Bar Stool is designed to elevate your seating experience with comfort and sophistication. Its sleek minimalist design seamlessly integrates into any space. Wrapped in luxurious upholstery, our Naia Bar Stool offers a plush and inviting feel, perfect for extended conversations or casual dining. The low wingback adds a touch of contemporary…

  • Jayla Boucle Bar Stool

    2,600.00 د.إ

    The Jayla Boucle Bar Stool is a chic and contemporary seating option for a kitchen or bar area. Bouclé fabric is known for its soft, looped texture and cozy feel, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication to any space. The square shape of our Jayla offers a clean and modern look, perfect for complementing…

  • Clara Suede Chair

    5,500.00 د.إ

    The Clara Suede Chair is unmatched when it comes to visual presence in the room with its curved silhouette. Its plush low back boasts a modern aesthetic with its minimalist design without sacrificing the relaxed seating experience. Overall, Our Clara offers a perfect balance of comfort and style, making it an ideal choice for lounging,…

  • Isla Suede Curve Sofa

    17,000.00 د.إ

    The Isla Suede Curve Sofa is a modern and stylish piece of furniture designed for both comfort and aesthetic appeal. Its soft and luxurious fabric known for its smooth texture and velvety feel adds warmth and coziness. Its curved shape creates a visually striking silhouette and contribute to a more organic and inviting feel in…

  • Ellie Corner Triangle Boucle Chair

    6,500.00 د.إ

    The Ellie Triangle Bouclé Chair is a stylish and contemporary piece of furniture with its unique triangular shape and cozy bouclé upholstery. The design features clean lines and a modern aesthetic. The bouclé fabric adds a soft texture and a touch of luxury making it not only visually appealing but also comfortable to sit in….

  • Jessa Boucle Bar Stool

    3,000.00 د.إ

    The Jessa Boucle Bar Stool is a chic and contemporary seating option for a kitchen or bar area. Bouclé fabric is known for its soft, looped texture and cozy feel, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication to any space. The square shape of our Jessa offers a clean and modern look, perfect for complementing…

  • Andrea Curved Dining Chair

    2,500.00 د.إ

    The Andrea Curved Dining Chair with Suede fabric is a stylish and comfortable choice for complementing a luxurious dining table like our Namy Dining Table. Its Suede upholstery adds a soft and tactile element to the chair, providing a cozy seating experience. The curved design offers ergonomic support and a modern aesthetic, enhancing the overall…

  • Cara Curve Sofa

    17,500.00 د.إ

    The Cara Curve Sofa is a modern and distinctive piece of furniture characterized by its unique wavy backrest design. Instead of a traditional straight back, the sofa features curves that create a visually striking and dynamic aesthetic that is more sculptural and avant-garde detailing for a bold statement. It easily serves as a focal point…

  • Kiyah Curve Sofa

    20,000.00 د.إ

    The Kiyah Curve Sofa is a contemporary piece of furniture designed with both style and comfort in mind. It features a sleek and modern curved silhouette that adds a touch of elegance to any living space. Constructed with a sturdy frame and upholstered in high-quality cotton fabric, this sofa offers durability and a soft, inviting…

  • Zita Bouclé Footstool

    1,900.00 د.إ

    Our Zita Bouclé footstool is made from the cosiest bouclé fabric and also available in cream to match our gorgeous Zita Bouclé Chair.   Dimensions: W 70 cm x D 60 cm x H 35 cm   All our furniture is are made to order, other sizes are available on request. Lead Time: 3 weeks…

  • Mila Chair

    2,800.00 د.إ

    Inspired by our Turner Chair, this new Mila chair elevates the meaning of style to another level. Featuring padded armrests and back support out of sturdy wood in neutral colors and fabric, this piece is worth the conversations.   Dimensions: L 60 cm x W 53 cm x H 78 cm   Seating height: 46…

  • Jacob Cloud Feather Sofa With Extended Ottoman

    29,000.00 د.إ

    This Jacob Cloud Feather Sofa is sure to make a statement. With it’s gorgeous soft suede fabrics and extended ottoman, it’s the perfect sofa for anyone that likes to lounge. We use a mixture of goose feathers and memory foam to create the ultimate cloud like sitting experience.   Dimensions: Sofa 5M Width x 1M…

  • Aurora Boucle Sofa

    18,000.00 د.إ

    Contemporary, sleek, and stylish. Our newly designed alluring Aurora boucle sofa is perfect for any modern home. This is the easiest last missing piece to make your home just gorgeous. It is thoughtfully made with the softest foam to not just make you lounge in style but also in utmost comfort.   Dimensions: 3 seater…

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